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$25,000-$50,000 in Annual Income for Each Participating Resident of Your Town by Offering/Selling "Tasks" to the Surrounding Area, U.S. and World.

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Employment Is on the Decline, But You and I Can Reverse This Decline for Your Town or Village - by Offering and Selling "Tasks"

For various reasons, classic employment (which you know as a "job" or "position" or civil service appointment) is declining. Employers are reducing payrolls and replacing workers with outsourced jobs and/or data processing and automation. High payroll taxes are part of the problem, as is our government's policy of moving U.S. jobs overseas so that Americans who still have jobs can buy [imported] goods at cheaper prices. The government is still working on the problem of how people without jobs can buy these inexpensive imported goods.

Instead of getting on the breadlines and job lines in your community, you can realistically bring in about $100 to $200 per day (5 days per week) of income through your offering of "Tasks" to be performed by you for money.

Wal-Mart, for example, puts its 1,000,000 + workers in a database and allocates tasks for each to perform, including the hour and store location for the assigned tasks to be performed. You and I don't need to get a job with Wal-Mart to be able to perform the assigned tasks at $8.50 per hour.

The solution is to offer your tasks through a specialty website featuring TASKS and a 2-way market for tasks, so that individuals and small businesses can offer tasks for sale, and individual, small businesses and the rest of the town, state, U.S. and world can purchase the tasks and/or place free ads seeking the tasks they would like to have performed for them. I have created this website, at My Website.

I have certain tasks I can perform rapidly, but one of them is not to mow lawns. For that task I would prefer some help. Accordingly, if I wanted someone to "mow lawns", I would go to my "" website and search using the key words "mow lawns" for someone within 0-15 miles of my ZIP Code who is advertising that he/she wants to "mow lawns". Or if I wanted to hire a tutor for help with my course and textbook in "Diagnostic Microbiology", I would look for someone wanting to perform that task who placed a FREE myclads keyword ad such as "tutor Diagnostic Microbiology". There are what I estimate to be 10,000 different types of courses and textbooks for which tutoring might be wanted. If I bought an unassembled desk or furniture item from IKEA, I might want to pay somebody to assemble the purchase. Individuals handy at assembly could advertise their services as to specific IKEA non-assembled items (as to which there are apparently thousands). IKEA itself recognizes this market in its website where it states:

Assembly and installation Most IKEA products are designed to be assembled by the customer, but if you prefer, we can recommend an independent in-home assembly service. For a small fee, they'll put it all together. Contact your local store.

Individuals in your town and village should not have to do every possible task for themselves. Help is available from others in the community who are able and willing to perform tasks for a fee. I might want certain small maintenance tasks performed on my automobile (such as cleaning the battery, checking tire pressure levels, checking fluid levels, changing non-functioning lights, waxing the outside and cleaning the inside of the vehicle). There is no reason why one or more individuals with a SUV could not go from one home to another to service the home-owners vehicle as tasks offered and sold through myclads.

There are literally billions of tasks to be offered and sold, and the extent to which a myclads user tries to fill perceived task needs of others, the myclads user should be able to obtain more task assignments than he/she can handle, which means that the myclads user will have to raise his/her price, and instead of making $100 to $200 per day, such person might be able to jump to $150 to $300 (or $37,500 to $75,000 per year). Or, instead of doing the work himself/herself, the user might decide to subcontract or take on employees - using the town's newly created system of managing payroll for the town's small businesses.

It goes without saying that the website will encourage thousands of individuals to become expert, as a "myclads consultant", in writing and placing hundreds or thousands of ads for each of their customers wishing to maximize their income but not wanting to spend the time needed to figure out, and place on myclads, 1,000 keyword ads. We know from Google's experience that a market should develop to handle this task for advertisers.

Some Major Advantages of Selling Your Services as "Tasks"

The sale of tasks instead of selling your services through a classic job/employment relationship has some major advantages. You eliminate the corporate middleman and associated overhead, and are able to undercut the corporation by providing the desired services at a lower cost than the corporation can provide such services. IKEA recognizes that fact of life. It sticks to making unassembled furniture by automation and leaves assembly to customers and independent assemblers.

Another major advantage is that you get paid without any deduction for payroll taxes. when you work at a "job", your wages are reduced by about 20%, but when you sell your services, you get 100% of the amount. Of course, you have to report the income and your expenses and pay income taxes on your net profits. Small businesses in the U.S. tend not to have any net profits to speak of, which in part is why there is a subprime mortgage problem. Small businesses have no history of earnings sufficient to support a mortgage, and in order to enable banks to lend to small business owners the test used to screen job holders had to give way to a non-verifiable application for small business owners.

Anyway, if I can get 40% of the eligible individuals in your own to register with my myclads website, I will start advertising these offered services by radio, television, cable TV and newspaper in the 25-mile area around your town or village, which I believe will bring in the $100 to $200 per day of average income for participants, and will encourage residents in the adjoining towns to do the same, until all areas of the U.S. will be participating. The participants will be my Protected Group, of persons who are losing out as the nation's economy is making a small percentage of individuals very, very rich. Myclads can create a fairer division of income.

If you want to find out more about the the offering of "Tasks" by you or the residents of your town, village, city or county, please give me a call, at 212-307-4444. My "myclads" website can bring in an estimated $25,000 to $50,000 or more per year for participating residents (which assumes income of $100 to $200 per day, 5 days per week).

Email This Proposal to Government Officials, Chamber of Commerce, Trade Association, Small Businesses, Other Interested Persons